Rosalie Halverson

I would like to share with you  my positive rewarding experience of my stay at Christian Community Home of Hudson, Wi.

I was greeted late Saturday afternoon with a warm friendly greeting by the staff. 

The staff attends to the patients’ needs and takes care of them in a prompt manner. 

The food is delicious and is replaced if the patient is not content with what they received.

The medication is provided on schedule. The variety of activities such as manicures, singing, and weekly social hour, sing-a-long and coloring and Chardonnay provide enrichment and pleasure to our day. 

The OT’s  and PT’s provide encouragement for strength building and the skills needed to take care of yourself at home. 

The entire staff leaves you with many ‘warm fuzzies’ from morning to night time. After thorough research and touring by my daughter, Christian Community Homes & Services was rated number 1.

This is my first experience at a Transitional Care Unit I would highly recommend the Christian Community Home, Hudson, Wi. for transitional home care service.


Rosalie Halverson

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