Testimonial from CCH resident’s family member

For 15 years I was troubled by the thought of an eventual need for a safe place for my loved one. I just kept putting it to the back of my mind, not wanting to deal with it. I prayed that when that day came, God would provide us with the answer. I have visited many senior care facilities in my life. I had major trepidation for this next phase of our lives.

One day last fall that dreaded day arrived because of a sudden illness my loved one suffered. After leaving the hospital, the options were limited because of COVID. My loved one was transferred to a facility far from home. As I was on my way to make a visit, I received a phone call from the sweetest voice letting me know there was an opening at CCH. While I have lived in Hudson for over 20 years, my loved ones were in nursing homes in other cities, and I did not know much about CCH. I had heard good things, but could it be true? YES.

I have never seen more responsive, loving, encouraging people in one place at one time. It takes a special person to work in a senior care facility. They have special gifts from God and people under their care are truly blessed. From the time my loved one joined CCH there has been so much peace in my heart knowing my loved one is being well taken care of. “Christian” in their name is very descriptive of CCH as the love of God is clearly visible in this facility. It is the only explanation for the care I observe in this home

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